• Improve your performance

    - Strength and muscle endurance
    - Coordination
    - Balance and stability
  • Functional exercise

    Functional exercise with Redcord consists of three-dimensional strength training and has a high carry-over effect to sporting situations

"Strong, stable and pain free"

Too many runners experience pain, distress and injury. Physiotherapist Henrik Pay invited a journalist from Runners World to Redcord Clinic Lysaker to explain what functional strength exercise can do to prevent injuries.

Improve your golf game this winter

PGA Tour trainer Ben Shear demonstrates how you can use the Redcord Mini to improve your golf skills this winter.

Congratulations Suzann!

We congratulate Suzann Pettersen with her second major title at the 2013 Evian Championship in France, the LPGA's fifth major!

Redcord DVD on its way

There are hundreds of exercise DVDs out there that deal with suspension training. Now Redcord, in collaboration with The Neurac Institute in the United States produced a Redcord DVD that gives you that little extra.

Redcord - The common thread

Redcord® suspension exercise is effective and useful for anyone who want to improve their functional level. Redcord is an integrated tool for athletes as well as therapists and patients for medical rehabilitation, functional enhancement exercise, injury prevention and performance training.
redcord main brochure

Redcord Mini - Exercise everywhere!

Redcord Mini is probably the most versatile and applicable solution for suspension exercise the world has ever seen. Here you can read about the benefits of the portable suspension system, and watch a simple video on how easy it is to use.

"Neurac® testing for runners prevents injuries"

In the April issue of the popular fitness magazine Shape Up in Norway, reporter Maren Haugeto got introduced to Redcord training and Neurac® treatment to increase power and prevent injuries.

Back to normal after motorcycle accident

Joe Jackson was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident in September 2008. Today he is back on the bike, thanks Redcord suspension exercise.

"Never stronger than your weakest link"

Physiotherapist Henrik Pay from Redcord Clinic Lysaker in Norway reveals the secrets of how professional skiers can exercise to avoid injuries.

Redcord Axis - Get ready to rotate!

Redcord Axis is a revolutionary exercise device that takes suspension exercise to a whole new level. It introduces rotational movements, creating the potential for a large number of new functional exercises, progressions and variations.

PGA trainers recommend Redcord for golfers

In Golf Digest's "Fitness Fridays" article, PGA Tour trainers Randy Myers, Ben Shear and Ralph Simpson explains how you can save money on building your own gym with a Redcord Trainer as one of the key equipments. 

Redcord Cycling Exercises

Redcord has developed a unique suspension exercise program for cyclistst. In addition to 8 standard Redcord Exercises, the last 4 involves rotation and Multi-Suspension exercises.

Developing Redcord golf program

The trainer for many top PGA players Ben Shear is in the process of developing a golf specific training program based on Redcord suspension exercises. He is telling you why Redcord suspension exercices are so unique for golfers.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Revolutionizing football training

The Belgian football club RSCA Anderlecht introduces new training- and injury treatment methods in their brand new training- and rehab facility at RSCA Anderlecht football club. Physiotherapist Koen Walravens, is certain that the changes will have crucial effects on the club’s injury statistics.

Do you know the advantages?

Do you know why Redcord is the best equipment for functional enhancement training at home, fitness centers, hospitals? It took us over 20 years to get there!

Prepares for Tour de France with Redcord

Eks World Champion Thor Hushovd has never trained so hard before a cycling season. Now the foundation is laid for success in Tour de France and Paris-Roubaix.
Thors juletrening

Hoping for a return to Motocross

Steve Ramon, World Champion in Motorcross in 2007, is recovering from a severe accident during a race earlier this year. He is hoping for a return to Motocross after Redcord treatment in Belgium.

Back on top after introducing Redcord

The Swedish Washington Capitals player Nicklas Backstorm is back in top form in the NHL after a longer period with injuries last season. Now he says he is a better hockey player than ever - thanks to Redcord.

"Ideal training for sailors"

- Suspension training not only builds up the large muscles of the body. The instability of the device ensures that you train the stabilizing muscles in the body, says sailor Kristian Ruth, who also receive sling exercise treatment for pain in a shoulder.

Redcord in the World Ski Championship in Oslo!

Redcord has been specially invited by the Norwegian Ski Federation (Norges Skiforbund) to present Redcord Suspension Exercises to an international gathering of medical support teams during the World Ski Championships in Oslo!

The medical seminar is held February 22, and health teams from all the participating nations are invited. Gitle Kirkesola  from Redcord will participate with the presentation titled "Training of core muscles and stability in skiing: Scientific evidence and practical guidelines".

Olympic champion Øystein Pettersen "I'm a big fan of sling training in Redcord"

The Norwegian TV2 showed Dec. 1 an interview with the Olympic gold medalist in cross country skiing, Øystein «Pølsa» Pettersen, where he tells about how he has exchanged weight training and sit ups with functional training in Redcord.

Øystein explains how this has made his core stronger and that he's a more stable skier thanks to his Redcord training.

See the interview on tv2.no
(in Norwegian)
tv2 sport pølsa 1 des 2010

Thor Hushovd gets gold in 2010 UCI Road World Championships

Redcord wants to congratulate Norwegian cyclist Thor Hushovd with winning his first world championship. Thor struggled with severe back problems after Tour de France 2007 and has earlier thanked his physiotherapist and Redcord for being able to continue his cycling career. 

Marit Bjørgen gives credit to Redcord for better technique skiing

During an interview with langrenn.com, Marit Bjørgen, Norwegian Cross Country Skier and Triple Olympic Champion, says that the changes in her strength workout is one of the main reasons for the Olympic success in Vancouver.
MB langrenn

Congratulations to the Norwegian Ski Federation

We congratulate the Norwegian Ski Federation with all the medals during the Olympic Games in Vancouver!

We wish them good luck and success the rest of the season.


Cadel Evans - World Champion 2009

Cadel Evans, World Champion 2009, has used Redcord a lot in his preparation as a world class Pro cyclist.
Cadel Evans

Stability from the core to the tip of your toe

“Treningsmagasinet” a Norwegian sports magazine has written a great article about sling training with Redcord.
They are referring to another Norwegian magazine called “Birkebeineren” and an interview with the famous Norwegian pro cyclist, Thor Hushovd.

New study: Training in Redcord improves throwing performance in softball players!

A study newly published in Journal of Strength and Conditioning, shows that closed-kinetic chain upper-body training improves throwing performance of NCAA Division I Softball players. 

Suspension training improves throwing velocity in handball players

A newly released study from the University of Agder proves that suspension training in Redcord can significantly improve maximal throwing velocity.

The treatment has extended my career!

Norway’s top cyclist Thor Hushovd  has suffered from back injuries and is now thanking his physiotherapist and back exercises with Redcord that he is still able to compete in this years Tour de France.

Preventing injuries with Redcord!

The Norwegian website speaker.no writes about how the Norwegian beach volleyball team uses Redcord (TerapiMaster) to avoid injuries and to keep an old knee injury under control.

2nd World Congress on Sports Injury Prevention in June 2008

Visit the 2nd World Congress from June 26 through June 28, 2008 in Tromsø, Norway.

Won surfing contest thanks to Redcord!

The first-ever Ultimate Boarder™ competition has been concluded in California, bringing together some of the world’s best action sports athletes within surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding. Eric McHenry, the winner of the surfing competition thanked Redcord for the victory.
eric mchenry

Strengthens her back with slings

Golfpro Suzann Pettersen explains in the Norwegian fitness magazine KK Kropp 3/2008 why she is recommending training with Redcord to everyone she meets: "The stronger your back is, the better control you have of the turn in the golf swing, the more stabile the hits" she says.

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