Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stability from the core to the tip of your toe

“Treningsmagasinet” a Norwegian sports magazine has written a great article about sling training with Redcord.
They are referring to another Norwegian magazine called “Birkebeineren” and an interview with the famous Norwegian pro cyclist, Thor Hushovd.

Hushovd states that he felt improvements as soon as he started using Redcord sling equipment.
Stability from the core to the tip of your toe  – makes you faster                
at the finish –
In the interview with Hushovd, he explains that he has had problems with a weak back, and that several physical therapists advised him to use Redcord sling training. He is very happy that he used Redcord, because he felt improvements right away. 

He has become much stronger at the end of a race after he started to use Redcord sling training regularly.  He feels that his finish has improved because Redcord has made him much stronger in his abs and lower back, this in turn has helped him become much more stable in the finishing of a bike race.
See the whole article in “Treningsmagasinet”, published June 03, 2009 (only in norwegian)
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